Air Conditioning Facts


+ Repair

+ Service

+ Parts

+ New installs

+ Commercial

+ Diesel

+ All makes and models

+ Retro to modern

+ Deodorising


New or old vehicle we can service and inspect your cooling and heating system.


Does your a/c produce an odor when you turn it on? then bring your vehicle in and have your system looked at and deodorised.


Moisture, grime and insects can block your system causing condensation to form under your dash and even drip and damage your carpet, we can clean this out and check over your system.


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What to do if your car air conditioning is not working ?


If your air conditioning is not working there could be a refrigerant leak in the system, refrigerant is very dangerous and if leaked will cause global warming, there for all faulty parts must be replaced or repaired.


It is the law that anyone who works on Automotive Air Conditioning systems and refrigerant must hold a license.

Auto Xperts are a fully licensed Car refrigerant handler and repairer.

Our business holds the ARCTIK tick.


















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